2m Ticket

Solution for ticket offices, theatre, cinemas and more

2mTicket is the platform used by the” Festival di Sanremo. ” to book tickets

It manages all the acquisition part of the booking request, both for season tickets and single tickets, it manages multiple evenings and multiple rooms Diversified tariffs are managed for tax purposes, asynchronous payments are managed.

Rooms are dynamic and can be modified according to the theater or to different needs such as the scenography, Covid rules or the presence of obstructions for television needs.

Distinct groups of users are managed (hotels, organizations, companies with a sufficient number of tickets, etc.) who can sit people, giving everyone full freedom to choose the seats in their sector. Each user is autonomous and does not interfere with others.

The accreditation procedures are as simple as assigning seats to spectators Just one click.

Privacy regulations are protected in full compliance with the GDPR and, if necessary, we activate the connection with security structures for online checks

Third-party fiscal printer interface for printing tickets with fiscal seal (mandatory in Italy) If necessary, we develop the connection software in the case of fiscal printers already present with software set up for interchange.

For any clarification ask Graziano

2m Cinema

2mCinema is the platform for the management of theatrical and cinematographic planning.

Front end

The website developed for the theater, the cinema, the multiplex, has all the professional features of responsiveness and seo optimization necessary.

integrates elements of connection with programming management

Back end

It is the real programming Allows you to manage the weekly schedule until publication The main features are:

  • Acquisition of the data of the shows from the Net (poster, director, actors, plot, synopsis, etc.)
  • Remote management of all shows until publication
  • Handling of exceptions (original language, 3d, minimum age allowed and more)
  • management of film festivals
  • Management of cinema availabilities
  • Newsletter to journalists / selected target for programming

The solution for the management of theaters and cinemas, ticket offices