What’s a CMS

Using CMS as a business productivity tool is the daily part of our job

the CMS as a business productivity tool

I CMS are extremely convenient tools that are used to allow those who are not programmers or computer experts to manage the contents of a website on their own.

Due Metri not only has been using CMSfor almost twenty years, but has produced one and put it open source a few years ago (put in open source and not used other open source). It is in our culture and experience.

Our customers prefer to invest their time in their business but without having to become programmers or computer experts, as was necessary until a few years ago.

the CMSis the solution for those who want to focus attention on their business and communication using easy and intuitive systems. The coders and, in our case the php coder, intervenes only when there are specific needs to be addressed and solved.

In fact, the CMSis not necessarily a complete solution, but often becomes a kind of semi-finished productto which extensions can be connected that solve specific needs, saving time and money.

Un CMS permette di aggiungere, togliere, modificare, i contenuti di un sito web concentrandosi su quello che si vuole comunicare e, soprattutto, sui risultati che si vogliono ottenere.

CMS embrace the concept that content is separate from its representation. By changing the graphics, the content remains the same. In practice it is like repainting a room or moving the furniture that still maintains their content but the appearance of the room treated in this way changes radically.

Another important feature of the CMSis the possibility of integrating the “optionals”, called plug-ins . The vast majority of plugins have a free version and a paid version. The large availability of plug-ins allows you to customize and improve your site, often without paying anything.

Which are the best CMS?

I don’t think there is a ranking. We start from the need and choose the appropriate CMS accordingly. Then, of course, there are CMSs that are very popular and others not so popular. Using a very popular CMS is not a fashion, but an opportunity. A php programmer who decides to develop a plug in, certainly prefers to develop it for the most popular CMS because they guarantee a greater market. The consequence is that for the most popular content management systems, there is an infinite number of plug-ins available. It is a considerable advantage.

A similar argument concerns the software engine. Like any software it needs updates and the more “mechanics” there are, the better. A widespread CMS guarantees a community that solves problems, creates new functions, keeps updated for any special needs (for example the GDPR) and this too is a guarantee of continuity.

Is Due Metri a “WordPress expert”?

Yes, we can certainly say that Due Metri is a wordpress expert, a wordpress programmer, a wordpress consultant, a wordpress developer. We mainly work with this CMS taking care of clients both in our province of Imperia and throughout Italy, starting to face other countries

We develop wordpress side elementsor integrated elements if necessary. As a wordpress consultant, given the software development experience of over thirty years, (the wordpress programmer figure is carried out in the company by junior and senior figures) we can only record customer satisfaction for this platform on which we also provide assistance.