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The creation of any working site must necessarily contain hosting, domain, e-mail, web graphics, training for those who manage a website

The creation of any working site must necessarily contain hosting, domain, e-mail, web graphics, training for those who manage a website

Starting Point

The creation of any site that works must necessarily contain at least 5 elements

  1. hosting
  2. Domain
  3. Emali
  4. Web Graphics
  5. training for those who manage a website

To these elements are added others to obtain a product of greater quality and effectiveness, such as, for example:

  1. a web marketing strategy
  2. SEO
  3. a suitable software platform (a content management system – cms)

On this page we see the necessary basic elements

What’s hosting

Any site, in order to be visible all over the world, needs to be hosted(hosted in English) on a “computer” that is always connected to the Internet. A part of this computeris therefore “rented” to host our site and this is the hosting service. If we have a dedicated computer (server), we are talking about housingand no longer hosting.

We note the 2 fundamental elements that determine a hosting, the capacity(how much space we have available on the computer), the Internet bandwidth that connects the server to the Net.

By now, most of the hostingis in the cloud, therefore, increasing the space available is simple and cheap to obtain. Internet bandwith needs something more to know

Whenever, while browsing a site, we click somewhere, something happens. We get another page, a form, download a document, see a movie, etc. It means that the data that we send to the server is very limited (1 click) while the data that the server sends us are infinitely greater.

The bandwidth(adsl, fiber, etc.) are asynchronous, that is, they give more outward or return performanceand this to optimize traffic. The one we have at home is much more powerful in download for the mechanism seen before. A server needs exactly the opposite. Of course, the costs also change. This is a good reason not to have a home server

Let’s leave out the wars of religion … linux or windows server. The choice is made based on the platform you use.

The hostingcan also guarantee ancillary services mainly related to security(periodic backups, firewalls, antispam systems). If the hosting also provides mail delivery services (smtp), you can save time by avoiding the use of external services.

At Due Metri we use different hosting services, looking for the best hosting, located in Italy and in Europe. This is to be able to choose the best and cheapest hosting solutionfor our customers based on their needs.


The Domainis the name we choose to be present on the net. It is made up of two parts, the real “domain name” and the TLD. duemetri is the domain name, .com is the TLD (top level domain).

On a visibility point of view, one is as good as the other, the differences are other stuffs:

the name must remember our brand or a service we do (unfortunately two meters is a name born 30 years ago when the internet wasn’t there yet …), while for the TLD there are marketing and ownership implications.

By way of example only a .IT is granted under concession therefore IT IS NOT OWNED while a .COM is owned. The implications are different. From the point of view of web marketing, for example, a .IT domain is preferable for those who focus on made in Italy than an anonymous .COM

In recent years, hundreds of new TLDs have been released compared to the original ones, so finding a suitable tld for us is quite simple

The first thing to do therefore is to search for free domains and possibly the available domains for a name but with a different tld (eg if is already taken, it might be useful to search for a webmarketing with a different tld that is available). Verifying free domainsis always the first thing to do in order to start working on web marketing, also taking into a-+ccount the domainthat has its importance.

Hosting and domain do not necessarily have to be managed by the same structure, but it is always suggested in order to have one person to talk with only


As long as our presence is limited to a public email (generally info @ domain) and a private email (like direction @ domain) there are no particular complications. We always recommend to use a web system for convenience since it is always available anywhere in the world with internet access, it often allows you to make copies, it has no database (to store emails) which often creates problems for email clients.

In Due Metri, for the management of e-mail, we rely mainly on Gmail. we are official resellers and for the most complex situations we help our customers in the organization and management of e-mails according to the objectives and the security and control systems.

Mail is not just a mailbox, it is also, for example, workgroups or aliases and redirects. Good mail management and good mail organization allows a greater efficiency without a redundant volume of information

Web Graphics

Graphics designed for the web are now very distant from traditional graphics. The graphics for a website must not “break”. it must allow a page to expand or shrink while maintaining its graphic characteristics.

Now the password is “mobile first“, it means that graphic, often, Is mainly designed to be efficient on mobile and then on Pc. Mobile use has the priority The accesses to the sites are now mainly by telephone, so the graphics must be responsive, that is, it must adapt to the media (pc, tablet, phone) that is used to read it.

In Due Metri we prefer elegant, sober graphics, with some animations but without beingh kitch. the interest must be on the content and not on the special effects that must serve only to capture attention by emphasizing the contents of the site.

Of course we also have experience of traditional graphics for the creation of logosor layout of printed matter for typography.

Training for those who manage a website

Due Metri philosophy isto put our customer in a position to manage a website with their own resources. The training is not so much about how to load an image, make a page or change a text, but mainly about what it needs to be done so that the page that is built has a sense to be found on the Net

Then, in case of need, we have a content management service that can effectively support those who manage a website.