Liguria events

Events in Liguria to which we have contributed in various ways

The participation of Due Metri in events as a technological partner is part of our history. We started many years ago with the creation of the tourist portal of the Flowers Riviera, including events and manifestations of the west, up to the present day.

We currently have an active participation in some specific events

Festival di Sanremo (Italian Music Song Festival)

Sonce 2017, the first year in which we used our software for the management of the ticket office, till today, we collaborate with the Ariston Theater of Sanremo and Rai Com to optimize this delicate and fundamental part of the Festival.

The management of Sanremo 2018 tickets, the first year of the system truly operational, was an incredible experience. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • reduction of dedicated personnel, reduction of issuing times,
  • ease for the owners to manage the names themselves
  • link with law enforcement agencies for data check in real time to grant security and safety .

A true fantastic experience.

In this project we had the part of analysis and organization, software development, testing and management.

Ariston Comic Selfie

Thefirst Italian contest dedicated to comedy with the use of selfies as a tool.

In the first edition, we participated in the creation together with the Theater team, developing the online voting system and the voting system via sms from the hall. Both live voting with verification, for online voting, of congruity to avoid the votes purchased, call center etc.

In the last edition we dealed with the site and the interactions on the votes

Corti per la giustizia (Short movies for justice)

Competition managed by the Liguria Section of ANM Associazione Nazionale Magistrati(Italian Magistrates Association). These are short films (90 seconds) to be made by classes of high schools with themes set by the association.

For this project we have participated from the beginning in the organization, in the coordination between schools and the management committee (ANM) as well as in all the technical parts, from the website to the online voting.

Canto italiano (Italian Singers)

Originally it was a musical project by Silvano Guariso and Franco Mignani that involves well-known authors, artists, media and professionals. There is a real part and a virtual part. We took care of the virtual part with a sort of performance on the stage of the Ariston Theater and anonline vote

We also dealt with the entire Internet part of this project, from the website to the vote