seo optimization

When we google “hotel Liguria” and we discover that there are over 33 million pages in the world which hope to be found (indexed), preferably on the first page of Google which contains barely a dozen, the doubt that having a site is not enough to be found on the Net, becomes a certainty.

How can you be found?

Let’s try to give a concise and simple answer.

Let’s put ourselves in Google’s shoes. Every day there are billions and billions of new or modified pages that need to be cataloged. Here, cataloging web pages is the first thing that happens. Google is a large digital library with rooms dedicated to categories of content. If we make websites, we must be accredited in the room dedicated to those who produce websites.

How you do it?

Using words, phrases, page sequences and links that make google understand what we are talking about. Like it or not, to let a person who could become our customer know how good we are at SEO optimization and web marketing, we must first make a machine understand that we deal with SEO optimization and web marketing so that it puts us in the category of those who do SEO optimization and web marketing.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is that series of activities (niche research, competitor analysis, keyword research, analysis of search and traffic volumes, etc.) that allows Google to understand that we are here and what is our business.

Of course, we always have the problem that there are millions and millions of pages using these words and are in the same room, so we need to take another step. We are only at the beginning.

Start writing simple and useful things to the reader (as I hope to do on this page) so that the time spent reading and staying here, makes google understand that it was not a mistake to enter this page, but what you found, is interesting and it’s a good start. Google appreciates the time spent and increases the authority of the page.

The more authoritative a page is, the more it is proposed, and if it contains interesting things, the more it is proposed, the more it becomes authoritativein a virtuous circle. If at the beginning only a few of those looking for “SEO optimization” or “web marketing” will find this page, increasing the interest (the time spent) will become more and more those to whom it will be proposed.

How long does it take?

I do not know. Or rather, nobody knows and time is one of the many variables in this strange world of web marketing SEO

Can I speed up the time to be found sooner?

Of course, you need to create adwords campaigns. In a medium-term web marketing logic, what is called “time to business” is important, that is, after how long from the creation of our website we are able to receive useful visits, that is, people who are really interested.

In this case we are talking about SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

The substantial differences between SEO and SEA is that the first has medium-long times to give results and initial costs will go down, while the second begins to give results in a short time and costs will be constant. It means that a good strategy consists in working simultaneously on SEO optimization and on SEA campaigns in order to have immediate results and, while increasing the positioning thanks to SEO optimization, SEA campaigns will decrease .