web application development

We develop web based applications both to integrate websites and for stand alone CRM

We develop web applications that interact with your website or that are for internal and managerial use, but always based on web technology is what we do most often.

In the first case,the requests range from a customization of the wordpress back end, to a real CRM to be integrated with a site that often already exists.

A dynamic website needs constant updating of contentswhose origin is not always the html / cms management of the pages.

Some examples of this type of web application development we have done over the years are:

  • The updating of price listsfrom different suppliers to present the best price to customers (gadget resale company)
  • Management ofBoard and Council resolutions for public authorities
  • Management of documents related to transparency(public authorities)
  • Film and theater programming
  • Offers of stay and last minutes in the accommodation world
  • Path management on google maps with gps tracks
  • Management of quotes for letterpress producers

A particular issue concerns the development of a web application for the management of the ticket office of the Sanremo festival connected to the fiscal printing of tickets

As you can see, we are used to always facing different problems and this makes our work extremely interesting.

Creating web applications mainly means understanding the points that allow our customer to save time, optimize a job, reduce errors, improve the efficiency of a process.

We start from a macro-analysis that is nothing more than an informal chat that allows us to understand the needs that are sometimes evident, sometimes hidden. The experience gained over the years and our interlocutor allow us to deepen the needs, understand those that really matter or that must be resolved more quickly than others and those that are a real added value.

This phase is done by those who have experience of development and relationship with customers. We consider this point fundamental because generally, when the analysis is done by a programmer, you get screens full of buttons and functions, fantastic but often confusing and not used. On the contrary, if this phase is managed by a commercial figure, promises are made that cannot be kept.

Who has experience of over 15 years in programming and twenty years of relationship with customers both from a commercial and assistance point of view, we believe it is the correct figure who transforms what the programmer says into a human and into a programmer what the customers want.

This chat (which sometimes becomes a few chats) is followed by a document that illustrates the objectives of the work and the way to get there, taking into account both human, organizational and financial resources.

The document, the macro-analysis, is shared and discussed with the client in order to be clear about the work that needs to be done.

The next step is the estimate and roadmap that identify the progress of the work up to the release date of the first version.

We evaluate the work with the customer and the debug phase begins, both of the code (if errors appear) and functional (if some procedures are not correct in their logic).

At the end the work is released and guaranteed for 6 months, within which we intervene free of charge for any error that is highlighted.

We guarantee qualified assistance on the web development we release.